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What is easyDCP Player + NE and why is this product available?


The easyDCP Player + NE is a special version of the easyDCP Player +.
The additional designation "NE" means No Export.

In this special version of easyDCP Player + NE all export options for a DCP have been removed.

At customer's request, the export functionality was removed for a secured use within studios and post-productions. So the encrypted playback of DCPs can also be made possible for non-production departments or external employees without hesitation, since the lack of an export function means that DCPs cannot be exported or converted into other video formats.

In some use cases, this version is also installed for playback in cinemas. Due to the removed export functions, some film distributors are ready to provide KDMs for an easyDCP Player + NE.

If you intend to use it in the cinema, we recommend to get confirmation from your distributor(s) in advance whether they are ready to create KDMs for an easyDCP Player + NE.
easyDCP Player+ (NE) is combliant to DCI specification but it is not a DCI certified playback unit. 

Note: When using roaming operation, mixed use of easyDCP Player + and easyDCP Player + NE is also possible.

How to get the easyDCP Player+ NE: Please download the whole easyDCP Plus Package. The download contains the easyDCP Player+ NE Installer.