For optimum organization of post-production easyDCP offers special bundles. These bundles are reduced in price, ideal for initial equipment.

The content of each easyDCP bundle is chosen to suit the needs of DCP/IMF packages mastering and additional quality control.

The easyDCP Bundles include the DCP/IMF package mastering, the generation of encrypted and unencrypted DCPs, and creating KDMs or DKDMs.

In addition the easyDCP player is included to simplify testing and quality assurance. Depending on the bundle type it allows also playback of encrypted DCPs uncrypted DCP/IMF packages and export to other formats.

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The final step in the production of digital movie content for digital cinema is the creation of the DCP (Digital Cinema Package). easyDCP Creator is a solution that enables small and medium-sized production companies as well as postproduction houses to create a SMPTE or Interop compatible DCP for playback in the cinema in a few simple steps.

easyDCP Creator can be used on standard PCs and MACs.
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easyDCP Player allows to playback DCP's (Digital Cinema Packages) without specific cinema equipment on a Microsoft PC or MAC. CPU or GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) can accelerate the decoding and provide real-time playback of 2k DCP's of JPEG2000 sequences.

For a first experience with this software and the DCP playback we offer a free download of a special trial version of both versions of easyDCP Player(+). The trial versions allows playback of any DCP for 15 sec. easyDCP Player+ allows also playback of DCPs/IMPs in HD SDI if a compatible adapter is available.

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The easyDCP KDM Generator enables the creation of Key Delivery Messages (KDM) for digital cinemas. easyDCP KDM Generator+ additionally allows to use external DKDM (Distribution KDM) generate KDM's.

A KDM allows the playback of an encrypted DCP for a certain time window on a specific playback device. With the easyDCP KDM Generator(+) you can easily generate hundreds of KDM's within a single run.

Besides the KDM generation tool we offer the creation of a personalized and DCI-compliant digital signature for all our easyDCP KDM Generator(+) customers. This enables you to sign your generated KDM's and your customers can be certain that your KDM's are trustworthy.

easyDCP products are also available as plugins for DaVinci Resolve by Blackmagic Design and SAM Rio by SAM. This means you can use all the functionality from our standalone products without having to start another software

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