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for digital cinema and IMF workflows

easyDCP is your proven partner for processing data along the workflows of the digital cinema and streaming media industry. With easyDCP post-production companies can generate DCPs, KDMs and IMF packages compliant with the industry standards, easily exploiting the potential of the technology on common computers.

easyDCP Plus

easyDCP Creator+

Easy creation of SMPTE Bv2.1 compliant DCPs and Interop-DCPs.

easyDCP Player+

Quality control in real time. Digital Cinema content playback on standard PC and Mac.

easyDCP KDM Generator+

Generating the keys that allow protected content to be played in digital cinema movie theatres.

IMF Studio

IMF Creator

Easy creation of Interoperable Master Format packages.

IMF Player

Quality control in real time. IMF-formatted content playback on standard PC and Mac.

easyDCP Plus and IMF Studio
Essential apps for digital cinema professionals

The easy to use software suite easyDCP Plus provides you with everything you need to master DCPs, generate and review encrypted and unencrypted DCPs, export to other formats and provide KDMs or DKDMs.

IMF Studio enables you to master, generate and review content in the Interoperable Master Format and export it to other formats. This is how digital movie data is supposed to be relayed.

Cutting Edge Tools

Create, play, and deliver compliant data using standard PCs and MACs.

Always Up to Date

Automated software updates make sure you're always compliant with the standards, using all features.

Get quick results

Easy to use and intuitive user interface and powerful software guaranty quick results.

You can count on us

Use the professional tool for high-end performance and reliable results.

Flexible Licensing

Adjust the usage on several machines to your needs and choose your license model.

Priority Customer Support

First in line for customer support by the software developers.

When I am at a loss ...

»As a small postproduction company I sometimes need support to be able to fulfill even the most unusual wishes of my customers. Thanks to easyDCP and the technical support I always get help when I need it and I don't have to experiment. I am glad to have a partner like easyDCP at my side.«

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