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This FAQ is valid for
easyDCP  All Applications till Version 3.8.9
easyDCP Plus Single License from Version 4.0.X
IMF Studio Single License from Version 4.0.X


You have an older easyDCP license or a new single license and want to get the best upgrade option for an easyDCP Plus and/or IMF Studio package.

The upgrade button can be found in your status of the license you want to upgrade, where you should find the "Upgrade Available" note.

Here are the next steps  

  1. Select the button: "Upgrade Now"

  2. An overlay opens with the two possible options to acquire the upgrade.
    INFO: In the lower part of the right window you will get the information which of your previous licenses are used for this upgrade.

  3. Variant Permanent License: Upgrade to easyDCP Plus & easyDCP Resolve
    - The upgrade price includes 6 months of service. More on this
    - You can extend the service period to 12 months

  4. Variant Subscription: Switch to Subscription
    - Alternatively you can switch to the new service-friendly subscription process.
    - You will receive a purchase discount of 50% at the list price for the first subscription order.
    - Choose the minimum subscription period that suits you.

    - Your previous licenses/versions will remain in your license status.
    - A new upgrade is no longer available for these licenses/versions.

  5. If you have chosen your selection, you will be directed to the shopping cart. 
    Please complete the payment process as usual.
    You can find your newly purchased license or subscriptions after a successful payment process in the main menu under "PRODUCTS". 

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us