Frequently Asked Question

Load the DCP (along with the KDM) into easyDCP Player+ and select Asset|Export.


You have three options:

Unwrap DCP and create easyDCP project

Each picture track file will be unwrapped into a sequence of (unencrypted) JPEG 2000 files (*.j2c).

Each audio track will be converted into a set of (unencrypted) mono-wav files.

Each subtitle track file will be unwrapped into the subtitle XML document as well as any related resources (PNG image files, TTF font files).

Additionally, easyDCP Player+ will automatically create a project file for loading the unwrapped DCP into easyDCP Creator while maintaining all metadata.


Create supplemental easyDCP project with external subtitles

This option is only available, when external subtitles have been added to the currently opened DCP.

In this case, an easyDCP Creator project file is created, that references all original track files from the DCP’s source folder and adds the external subtitle files.

If the external subtitle document was not added to a reel, but rather assigned to a CPL, it will automatically be split into reels.

If the subtitle format does not match the DCP’s format (Interop vs SMPTE), the subtitle will automatically be converted.


Export sequence

Export only the visible image data (optionally along with audio) into a variety of export formats. Optionally, subtitles, timecode or other overlays can be burnt into the exported images.