Frequently Asked Question

Yes, but you need to make sure your primary graphics card supports 4k output.
Here is a list of Nvidia devices:

Also, by default, easyDCP Player will only offer the 2k portion from a 4k package.

Enable options|Codecs|<selected JPEG 2000 codec>|"make 4k resolution level available"

Specifically, we recommend you

• configure your 4k display to be your main display
(Windows 7 and higher: right-click desktop|Screen resolution|<select display>|Check "Make this my main display"

• configure your display's refresh rate to be identical to your DCPs/IMPs edit rate, e.g. 24 Hz

• enable V-Sync rendering mode

For trouble-shooting, please follow the steps in FAQ: My DCP does not play back smoothly. What can I do?