Frequently Asked Question
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This FAQ is valid for
easyDCP Plus  Permanent licence all versions
IMF Studio Permanent licence all versions
easyDCP Resolve Plugin Permanent licence all versions


A service reactivation fee is charged to resume the service of a licence that has expired for more than 1 month.

The cost of the reactivation fee is calculated on the basis of the past period (full months) per licence. Reactivation fees are only offered if they are combined with at least a service extension with a minimum period of 6 months 

Reactivation fees are due as long as no new version of the respective easyDCP version is available. 
However, if a new version is available, a flat-rate update fee is automatically offered, also with at least 6 months of service. 
Note: easyDCP versions prior to 4.0 always receive an upgrade offer.


The current reactivation fee for each month in the past is

easyDCP Plus 29 € 
IMF Studio 15 € 
easyDCP Resolve Plugin 7 €