Frequently Asked Question

Playback of digital cinema content, so-called DCPs (Digital Cinema Packages), requires standardized encoded image-files packed in a standardized container. These standards are specified by the SMPTE and - for transitional use – in certain Interop-specifications.

easyDCP Creator and easyDCP Creator+ enable the production of SMPTE- as well as Interop-compliant DCPs (Digital Cinema Packages) easyDCP Creator allows to encode unencrypted 2D DCPs. easyDCP Creator+ additionally enables 3D as well as mastering of encrypted digital cinema content.
For instance DPX, TIFF, JEPG2000 or QuickTime sequences can be used as input files.

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If you plan to create KDMs for your DCP - the application easyDCP KDM Gnerator is availabel. For automatic generating and distribution of KDMs the online service KDM Studio is available at 
KDM Studio is developed by the DCPtools Team based on easyDCP KDM Gnerator+.