Frequently Asked Question
This FAQ is valid for
easyDCP  all versions from Version 3.8


An entry in the list with the official "Studio Code" can be requested at ISDCF.
Whenever a new version of easyDCP Creator(+) is released, we integrate the latest list from there.

In the meantime, the "Studio Code" can be entered as follows:

  • Select the user dialog for editing the DCNC. 
  • Select the value specified under "Studio" (e.g., NULL).
  • In the dialog that appears, select "+" from the drop-down menu.
  • An overlay with the title: "Add Studio" opens
  • Enter the desired data.
  • Complete the entry with the button "Add".

The added "Studio Code" is now part of the local studio selection and can be used locally for the CPL naming.