Frequently Asked Question

A DCP contains one or more compositions.

Each composition consists of one or more reels that will be played one after another. Each reel has at least a picture an a sound track file.

Optionally, it also contains a subtitel track file. A reel´s track files must all have the same duration. In easyDCP Creator, you can edit in-and out-points by right-clicking a track file that you already dragged onto a reel.

This way you can skip a run-in or sync your audio and video track files. Keep ini mind that an Interop subtitle must not contain any time stamps beyond the reel´s duration.

Time stamps are relative to the reel´s first visible frame. A single track file can be refrenced from multiple reels of the same composition. This way it is easily possible to skip a scene or title by setting the track file´s instances´ in- and out-points accordingly.

An exemplary use of multiple compositions would be, if you wanted to distribute a movie in multiple languages. For each compositon you would use identical picture track files, but language-specific auto track files.  

Compositions will not be played one after another. Instead, the cinema operator will choose which composition to play. Don´t forget to edit the composition´s names or otherwise the cinema operator might not find it on the server.

For example, the following two composition names indicate that one version has German audio ("DE") without any subtitles ("-XX") and the other version is Engish ("EN") with German subtitles ("-DE")

MYDCP_FTR_S_DE-XX_ 51_2K_20150707_FHG_OV
MYDCP_FTR_S_EN-DE_ 51_2K_20150707_FHG_OV

Hint: You can right-click the title and open an editor to compose a title according to the rules of the Digital Cinema Naming Converions.