Frequently Asked Question

easyDCP Creator+ generates a proprietary DCP digest file along with each encrypted DCP.
This digest file contains all track files keys used for the encryption during the DCP creation process. Whenever one wants to generate KDMs, you can load this digest file into a separate tool called easyDCP KDM Generator.

easyDCP KDM Generator is included in each purchase of easyDCP Creator+.
All you need to do is collect your recipient´s public server certificates and put them into a local folder. Use only the "cert.sha256" files. Usually, they have either a *.crt or *.pem suffix.
In easyDCP KDM Generator, you merely need to load the digest file, point to the folder with the server certificates and specify the start and end dates of the KDMs validity period.

Upon clicking the "Generate" button, easyDCP KDM Generator will create KDMs for all server certificates in a single batch job. Please note, that a digest file may contain multiple compositions, but a KDM only ever contains keys for a single composition. Thus, easyDCP KDM Generator will create x KDMs.

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