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easyDCP Plus all licence types from version 4.1.X


Overview RDD52 or SMPTE DCP Bv2.1
from easyDCP 4.1

The official specification is available here:

  • The basis of the SMPTE DCP Bv2.1 specification is the already known in the SMPTE DCP specification. 
    However, it contains concretizations/restrictions (so-called flavour).
  • The specifications are already provided for SMPTE DCP but, compared to Bv2.1, not mandatory.
  • Starting with easyDCP 4.1, the RDD52 is offered as a separate project type in the Project selection.


The following functions are relevant for DCP creation:

  • Composition Marker (SMPTE 429-7)
    FFOC – First Frame of Composition, LFOC – Last Frame of Composition
    The "Composition Contend Kinds" can be automatically updated in the Package > Update CPL Marker menu. 

  • MXF Multichannel Audio Labeling Framework (MCA) (SMPTE 377-4)
    For Bv2.1 projects the labels are automatically used when adding a sound track.

    Note: DCPs with tracks like "Hearing Impared" or "Sign Language Video" must be selected as Custom. Via "Optional Channels" corresponding channels can be added or removed.

More features for SMPTE DCP Bv2.1 support:

  • easyDCP 4.1 detects corresponding errors and issues warnings before generation if the current project structure or configuration does not meet the Bv2.1 specifications.

This also applies to Bv2.1 presets, which easyDCP has no influence on, such as the number of lines in a subtitle or the CPL markers for "First Frame of End Credits".

  • Further necessary DCP meta data adjustments, which are required for a Bv2.1 DCP, are automatically created during the generation of DCPs.


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