Frequently Asked Question
This FAQ is valid for
easyDCP Plus  Status: BETA  M1/2/3-Apple Silicon Version 4.1.9X
IMF Studio Status: BETA M1/2/3-Apple Silicon Version 4.1.9X


Interested customers can receive for test purposes the
Beta version easyDCP Plus+ and IMF Studio 4.1.97


This version is suitable for the following operating systems:

  • macOS version 10.14 or higher

This version is based on the easyDCP Plus/IMF Studio version 4.1.7 incl. all updates for: 

  • Apple Silicon "M" technologie

Known limitations of the easyDCP Plus+/ 4.1.97 Beta:

  • 8-bit rendering only
  • HD-SDI (8-bit only)
  • no Video Scopes
  • no Overlays resp. OSD (statistics, etc.).
  • no Apple M1/M2 ProRes hardware acceleration support.

Note: Subtitles are supported and can be displayed.
Known issue: If you (re)open 30+ packages in a row the player may crash. This may be mitigated by disabling the picture and audio thumbnail rendering in the timeline.

How can you use the easyDCP Plus 4.1.97 Beta:

How can you use the IMF Studio 4.1.97 Beta:

  • Please use this link to download the beta version IMF Studio 4.1.97

Should you encounter any errors, crashes or other problems when using this version, please inform the technical support via this link: Troubles with 4.1.97 Beta

  • Please describe the problem you have encountered (possibly supplemented with a screenshot)
  • Please inform us about the hardware and software environment you are using

We expressly point out that the Beta versions are not suitable for business-critical applications.

If you have any further non-technical questions, please contact easyDCP Sales Support.