Frequently Asked Question
This FAQ is valid for
easyDCP Plus &
easyDCP single licenes
in online Activation from Version 4.0.X
IMF Studio &
IMF single licenes 
in online Activation from Version 4.0.X


When trying to log into any easyDCP application you receive a "SSL handshake failed" error.

Let’s Encrypt’s original root certificate of your OS was expired and replaced at the end of September 2021. The new root certificate is probably not available on your system, yet.

Solution 1 – Automatic Root Certificate Installation

  1. Close any running easyDCP instances.
  2. Open the Microsoft Edge Internet Browser installed with Microsoft Windows.
  3. Go to This should automatically trigger the installation of the new root certificate.
  4. Close Microsoft Edge and start any easyDCP Application. Login should work again

Solution 2 – Manual Root Certificate Installation

This should only be done if the first solution does not work at all. (Automatic Root Certificate Update disabled via Group Policies). If possible, rather enable Automatic Root Certificate Update via Group Policies and try the first solution again. Also, take additional precautionary measures like a system backup.

  1. Go to
  2. Locate the entry for "ISRGX Root X1" and download the certificate.
  3. Open the certificate file (directly from the Browser or your download folder).
  4. (Optional) Check if the thumbprint of the certificate matches the one on the website.
  5. Install the certificate with the "Certificate Import Wizard".
  6. Finish and restart easyDCP. Login should work now as expected.