Frequently Asked Question

The new website is online now. The new product separation into the packages easyDCP PLUS and IMF Studio has been completed.

With the new product generation, we introduce a new distribution and licensing model.

  • New customers can purchase the new packages on a subscription basis or as a permanent license.
  • All products 4.0 are equipped with the new online activation.
  • All products 4.0 offer the option of online roaming operation.
    You can install your respective easyDCP Plus or IMF Studio program on multiple hardware systems simultaneously. 
    It will be automatically activated for the particular hardware on which the program is started, on other computers on which the program is installed it will be deactivated in the meantime.
The loyalty of our customers was and is the basis of our success.
Of course, you will benefit from the new advantages:
Customers with valid service contract
will receive these new versions automatically


Due to the new features, there will be some adjustments in the webshop, your products and the activation process. Inform yourself about what's new with these FAQs.
How we have transferred previous licenses with service contract into the new product structure
How to find your new easyDCP Plus or IMF Studio packages
How to find your licenses up to easyDCP 3.8.9
How the new online activation works
This is how the new online roaming works
This is how you can run your new packages with offline activation as before
Special note: Customers owning easyDCP KDM Generator+

I don't have upgraded to the new easyDCP Packages. How can I to it

Please note:

  • Further development of the easyDCP "basic" programs will be discontinued.
  • Upgrades and updates of easyDCP licenses can only be made to the easyDCP PLUS or IMF Studio packages.
    Exception: Individual licenses that had a valid service at the time of the changeover can continue to extend the service as usual.