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easyDCP has been offering you products and support for the creation and processing of DCPs and IMF packages for over 10 years. In large and small post production, these programs are part of the daily work tool. However, a leading position in the market does not mean that there is no further development. Therefore, easyDCP will be modernized from 2021 and the user models will be optimized according to the market development for software.

What will happen in January 2021?

Applications for DCP and IMF Packaging are separated into their own packages

The individual easyDCP programs are combined in separate packages for DCP or IMF creation.

The new packages are available as a subscription or permanent license.

The licenses can be activated online fully automatically or optionally via L&C request (for permanent licenses).

With the new roaming activation, the same program can be started alternately from several PCs.

The new packages are based exclusively on the scope of the proven easyDCP+ programs.

What does this mean for you as a customer?

Your loyalty was the basis of our success. Of course you benefit from the new advantages.
  • With the update you receive two separate new packages for an easyDCP Bundle: easyDCP Plus and IMF Studio. 
    easyDCP Plus: consist of easyDCP Creator+, esayDCP Player+, easyDCP KDM Generator+ 
    IMF Studio: consist of IMF Creator and IMF Player.
    If you own a easyDCP Bundle with a valid service, you will receive the new versions for free. If you only have one application (with valid service) of easyDCP, you will receive the corresponding new application of easyDCP. easyDCP+ customers also receive the associated IMF program including the new options.
  • You can either activate the new programs as usual (offline licensing) or use the new online activation. The new online activation is available free of charge to customers with a permanent license with an uninterrupted internet connection. Extended roaming is available to customers with a valid service.
  • Instead of the previous easyDCP Resolve Bonus license, every customer who owns an easyDCP bundle receives after the update to the new packages a full version of easyDCP Resolve for installation on freely selectable hardware. The previous easyDCP Resolve Plugin Bonus model ends for new purchases when the new packages are introduced.
    Note: The options "Online activation" and "Roaming" are not available for easyDCP Resolve plugins.
  • Instead of the previous easyDCP KDM generator, all customers with a valid service receive the new version easyDCP KDM Generator+. This corresponds to the scope of services of the previous easyDCP KDM Generator+.
  • The fees for the service expansion including update and roaming will be reduced significantly for the new programs and will apply to an entire package after the update. Depending on the term, the cost per package is from Euro 42 / month.

What do you have to do as a customer?

We will make the switch to the new versions as easy as possible and take over as many of the known processes as possible.

  • With the final launch in January 2021, the new programs will be available under a new menu item as easyDCP Plus or IMF Studio after registering in the webshop
  • Customers with valid service will automatically receive these new versions.
  • Customers without a valid service still have the opportunity to prepare their existing programs for a free conversion through discounted updates and / or upgrades until they are finally released. Here you will find your personal offers.

You will see: The modernization of easyDCP makes your work with DCPs and IMF packages more cost-effective. At the same time, you can be sure that you are always using the full functionality of the leading software suite for the digital cinema / on-demand TV industry.

Any questions? You can find the FAQs here.

Kind regards and take care
Your easyDCP team