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This FAQ is valid for
easyDCP KDM Generator(+)  from Version 1.4.4


Easier & faster KDM creation:

Create KDMs for several cinemas using easyDCP KDM Generator+


Imagine the following situation:

  • Your encrypted DCP incl. activation key (easyDCP-Digest / DKDM) has already been completed.
  • Now many KDMs are to be generated as a group (e.g., all KDMs for a distribution area) so that they subsequently e.g. can be sent by e-mail to the cinemas.
  • Generating should be done quickly as a mass processing, easily and without time-consuming or faulty manual re-sorting.



  • Also works in the standard version of the easyDCP KDM Generator.
  • Warning: Do not manually change the filename of the server certificates or KDMs as they will not be able to be assigned in the cinema.

To create KDMs sorted by cinema screens in a tree structure, proceed as follows:

  1. First sort your server certificates once outside of easyDCP in a tree structure, e.g. by distribution area (here: "Distribution Area 1"):
  2. Now start the easyDCP KDM Generator +. First, drag the easyDCP Digest or the DKDM into the field "easyDCP Digest / DKDM". Then simply drag the folder that contains the subfolders with the sorted server certificates into the Server Certificates / Folder field:
  3. Now activate the options "Options> Replicate easyDCP Digest / DKDM Folder Structure" and "Recursive":
  4. 4. Finally enter the target directory under "KDM Output Folder" and start the mass generation by clicking on "Generate KDM (s)". The KDM Generator now creates all KDMs and places them in the same structure as the server certificates:

The KDMs can now be conveniently processed and e.g. be sent by e-mail to the cinemas.

Please note:
This template was created with easyDCP KDM Generator + Version 1.4.411. Previous versions may not yet include this feature, but newer versions may run slightly differently.