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Practical Creation of Supplemental Packages/Version Files (VF):

Assisted Subtitling with easyDCP Player +


Imagine the following situation:

  • The original version (OV) of a compliant DCP or IMF package has already been delivered to the cinema or a partner / studio.
  • Now the film is to be subtitled. However, your third party subtitling software cannot open the DCP or IMF package.
  • The delivery should be a small supplemental package (Version File) containing only one OV compatible subtitle file.

Tip: The use of supplementals is very similar for DCPs and IMF packages!


To assist subtitling with the easyDCP Player + and finally generate a VF, proceed as follows:

  1. First load the OV into easyDCP Player+:
  2. Create an Interop, SMPTE or W3C TTML subtitle file with your external subtitling software or with an editor of your choice and drop the subtitle file onto the composition:
  3. Your subtitles are now automatically inserted into the timeline and into the playlist as "external subtitles" (shown in italics):
  4. Every time you save the subtitle file with the external editor, changes are rendered directly within your DCP or IMF package. This allows you to immediately control your subtitles in the DCP or IMF package:
  5. Once you’ve completed your subtitling work, you can export the subtitle file to a directory and, if necessary, use the easyDCP Creator+ to process it further. To do this, press the "e" key, select a destination folder in the export wizard and the menu item "Create supplemental easyDCP project with external subtitles":
  6. Go through the wizard and finally press "Open Project" to open the exported project in easyDCP Creator+:
  7. Your project will now be loaded as a VF containing the new subtitle file:
  8. Do not forget to rename the composition according to the Digital Cinema Naming Convention (e.g. "OV" to "VF-1").
  9. Finally, generate a new VF as usual.

Please note:
The Creation of Supplementals is only supported in easyDCP Creator+. Please use the newest versions of easyDCP. Previous versions may not include this feature.