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easyDCP Player  Status: All license models  all Versions
IMF Studio Status: All license models from Version 4.0.X


Time lags which occur during playback of video and audio may have different causes. In some cases, the cause is hardware-related. For an audio-visual verification of synchronous playback, we provide our customers a test DCP incl. instructions. 

It has to be distinguished between two basic video / audio types of time lag:

Offset between picture and sound is constant during playback:

Possible causes:

  • Offset of the image and / or sound track of the DCP is not entered correctly.
    Solution: Regenerate DCP with corrected offsets

  • Hardware is configured with incorrect latency.
    Solution: Tho control of the graphics and sound card of a computer varies depending on hardware and operating system. Today's operating systems determine the respective delay and provide the value of this delay as "latency" to the affected programs.
    These values ​​are also available for easyDCP Publisher and easyDCP Player (+).
    It's available for each audio device separate and can be subsequently adjusted within easyDCP programs here: Preference -> Audio -> Latency. 

Offset between picture and sound changes / grows during playback:

Possible causes:

  • The source material does not match the frame rate provided in the DCP (e.g., 23.98 versus 24fps).
    Solution: Regenerate DCP with corrected frame rate.

Note: If you're using easyDCP Creator/+ version 3.6 or higher, it is possible to convert frame rate data with 23,97 fps within 24 fps projects. Please have a look at the following MASTERCLASS FAQ how to adjust the frame rates: MASTERCLASS - Session Five: Automatically convert frame rates