Frequently Asked Question
This FAQ is valid for
easyDCP Plus  all licenses from version 4.0.X  
IMF Studio all licenses from version 4.0.X  
easyDCP Plugin   all versions  


When purchasing a subscription or service renewal, the webshop offers you to make the next payments automatically.

If you decide for the automatic payment option, the webshop will automatically extend your subscription or service before it expires. To do this, an automatic payment needs to be set up for the respective easyDCP Plus or IMF Studio package.  

  • The selected period will be used for the next renewal.
  • After successfully extending your service automatically, you will always receive an order confirmation with invoice.
  • The automatic payment can be canceld at any time in the webshop.  

Note: If the automatic payment is not set up, the payment for the subscription or the service extension needs to be selected and executed manually. Before the respective period expires, a reminder email will be sent to the email address saved in your webshop account.


How can you monitor your automatic payments?

You can find the automatic payment status of your licenses under Payment in your webshop account.

Here you can:

  • Deactivate a automatic payment that has been set up:   
    - To do this, select the respective license concerned, click on Show Subscription and deactivate the subscription "Cancel Payments"

  • Change the payment method for an established subscription:
    - Select the respective license, click on Show Subscription and select Change Payment Method.

  • Manually set up a subscription:
    - To do this, select the respecitve license and select Enable Subscription.

  • Monitor the next automatic payment:
    - Select the respective license and select Show Subscription.

  • Re-activate a cancelled subscription
    - To do this, select the respecitve license and select Enable Subscription.


What happens if automatic payment renewal fails?

  • If a debit fails with the deposited credit card, we will make a few more attempts to debit. After a specified number of failures, we will cancel the automatic payment and inform you via email. 

  • Your service status will then be switched to manual mode and you will receive a “Service Notification” via email. The service notificaiton informs you about the expiry of your subscription and the expiry of the respective services.    

  • Reasons for a failed debit can be an expired validity period, insufficient coverage or the general deletion of the credit card. As far as we can, the reasons for rejection will be displayed in Show Abonnement.


How secure is your credit card information?

  • Your credit card information is stored exclusively on the protected servers of our credit card provider UNZER. These servers are regularly monitored and authorized by the respective credit card companies.