Frequently Asked Question
  • new: Add CLI validation argument "--resultInFilename" to put result in report filename.
  • new: Resolve VF package from CLI when OV is specified as well to allow VF export.
  • fix: Potential playback hang when V-Sync is enabled.
  • fix: Potential crash when project file with unequal reel parameters is played back.
  • fix: HD-SDI device detection if input-only Blackmagic HD-SDI device is present.
  • fix: (MacOS) Improvement of fullscreen with dual monitor setups.
  • fix: Show current state of settings that require restart.
  • fix: Remove warning when decoding is done on primary GPU.
  • new: Switch to Vulkan for rendering instead of OpenGL.
  • new: (MacOS) Universal app.
  • new: (MacOS) Use Apple VideoToolbox to encode/decode ProRes.
  • new: Support for loading MKV files.
  • new: Disables all file overwrite warnings in export dialog when "always ignore" is selected.
  • fix: Metadata inspector shows correct value for audio bit depth.
  • fix: Potential crash when loading single picture files.
  • fix: Statistic window updates correctly if SDI is turned on/off during playback.
  • fix: Fallback to parent folder if last open location is not present anymore.
  • fix: Line alignment of status column in the hash checker.
  • fix: Save column widths when resizing elements of the hash checker.
  • fix: (Apple M) Rendering of colored text subtitles in correct hue.
  • fix: (Apple M) Export uses correct color-transform settings for PNG subtitles.
  • fix: (Apple M) Render overlapping subtitles of the same spot in the correct order.
  • fix: (Apple M) Potential crash when DeckLink initialization failed.
  • fix: (Apple M) Subtitles are rerender when enabled/disabled if playback is paused.
  • fix: Potential issues and slowdowns caused by validation when loading packages.
  • fix: Improved composition marker compatibility.
  • fix: Save and restore of custom input audio mappings.
  • fix: Auto detect test specifications when validating package from command line.
  • fix: Improve stability and performance of timeline waveform generation.
  • fix: Case insensitive language tag validation as per RFC5646 section 2.1.1
  • fix: Remove false positive errors when loading package with subtitles.
  • fix: Potential freeze with hash check in package validation.
  • fix: Improve overall stability.
  • fix: Improve playback performance and responsiveness (may depend on system).
  • fix: Improve error resilience when loading corrupt packages.
  • Minor bugfixes and improvements.
  • new: Add option to use fixed and custom number of CPU decoders to improve playback performance and stability.
  • new: Rewrite Hash Checker to improve stability and performance.
  • new: Add detected package type to validation dialog and report.
  • new: Write used validation specifications to validation report.
  • new: Preselect validation specifications based on detected package type.
  • new: Updated Blackmagic Design DeckLink SDK to version 12.4.2
  • fix: Online licensing more robust against temporary connection losses.
  • fix: Validation of subtitels if package is encrypted.
  • fix: Loading and exporting of SMPTE subtitles with nested <font> tags.
  • fix: Loading of 3D Lut color transformation files.
  • fix: Validation of DCPs with supplemental Subtitle Track Files will no longer give resource access error.
  • new: Edit Rate warning in validation is downgraded to recommendation.
  • new: Add "Don't show again" to export output folder not empty warning dialog.
  • fix: Use correct aspect ratio in description for FLAT safe area overlay.
  • fix: On restart negative values for audio latency values where increased by one.
  • fix: Add SMPTE 429-13 framerates to SMPTE 429-2 validation. Validation will
  • no longer fail for 25 fps SMPTE DCP.
  • fix: RDD-52/Bv2.1 validation pollution may cause oversized validation reports.
  • new: Composition Markers
  • new: Basic SMPTE 429-2 and SMPTE RDD 52 validation
  • new: Reading of DPX 12bit packed
  • new: Improved support for DCPs with Multichannel Audio Labeling Framework
  • fix: Reactivate support for PPM files
  • bugfix: easyDCP Player doesn't launch when Windows username contains special characters
  • bugfix: dragging playlist item to timeline deletes it from playlist
  • bugfix: timeline becoming unresponsive adding certain audio files
  • bugfix: opening unwrapped package from export dialog doesn't work
  • bugfix: sometimes single frames aren't color transformed on export
  • added back support for 32bit wave file exports
  • bugfix: cancelling export to network drive causes a crash
  • bugfix: re-opening export dialog after a failed export causes a crash
  • bugfix: H.264 export with odd dimension raises error
  • bugfix: dropping package on login widgets deletes the package
  • bugfix: empty Rating entries in CPL cause package loading to fail
  • bugfix: crash when trying to play back
  • bugfix: command line interface not working in demo mode invalid sign language DCP
  • bugfix: playback of encrypted sign language track not working
  • bugfix: crash when validating stereoscopic DCP
  • bugfix: validating empty InterOp subtitles causes warning
  • bugfix: validation of encrypted subtitle causes error message
  • added auto-update for some DCNC entries
  • bugfix: validation mentioning Virtual Tracks
  • bugfix: SDI color space selection is restored on startup but wrong one is used for display
  • bugfix: validation sometimes fails on first run due to mismatch of subsampling
  • bugfix: component bitrate check issue when validating 4K DCP
  • bugfix: crash validating stereoscopic DCP
  • bugfix: some DCNC audio tags aren't extracted
  • bugfix: KDM end date of validity displayed as same as start date
  • bugfix: audio playback stops on track borders when previewing supplemental dcpproj
  • updated macOS minimum requirements
  • improved compatibility with older macOS versions
  • bugfix: codestream validation test fails when two CPLs use different resolutions
  • bugfix: SDI output color space not stored/restored
  • bugfix: legal range color conversion in export wrong
  • added option to export License & Certificate Set to create a backup
  • added option to remove License & Certificate from settings to allow for an easier transition to new licensing model
  • Introduced new licensing model
  • Split DCP/IMF functionality into two separate tools for better user experience
  • added validation test to check for namespace prefix usage in SMPTE subtitles
  • bugfix: ProRes export using offset causes invalid video file
  • bugfix: invalid warning about duration mismatch between mxf and cpl duration
  • bugfix: crash when adding empty subtitle to supplemental track
  • bugfix: playback of sign language not working when first reel doesn't contain sign language
  • bugfix: external subtitles removed when restarting playback in Remote Desktop mode
  • bugfix: crash when pre-rendering subtitles in background on macOS
  • added possibility to relink missing sources when opening dcpproj file
  • bugfix: reloading package removes external subtitle from Canvas and Timeline
  • bugfix: audio export for container formats broken
  • bugfix: certificate chain file was not backed up correctly
  • bugfix: bitrate tests fail for unloaded encrypted package
  • improved export performance
  • improved waveform rendering performance
  • added CPL metadata test to validation module
  • added new color space for Eclair Color DCPs
  • moved validation common practice tests to separate recommendation tab
  • bugfix: Dolby Vision content mapping not working for inserts
  • bugfix: component bitrate for 4K DCPs sometimes wrong in validation
  • bugfix: wrong subtitle display type in case the same subtitle is used in multiple reels with different display types
  • bugfix: display order of virtual audio tracks in timeline can be different compared to CPL
  • bugfix: validation report only shows first audio track
  • bugfix: opening DCPs containing CPL metadata failed
  • added support for DCPs containing sign language
  • added support for IMF App ProRes
  • added support for IMF packages containing Dolby Vision 4.0 metadata
  • added mute and solo buttons to audio meters
  • added J2C component bitrate limit test to validation module
  • added CLI support for exporting IMF package containing Dolby Vision
  • enhanced naming of video and audio files when exporting assets
  • enhanced performance when playing back ProRes QuickTimes
  • updated Blackmagic Design DeckLink SDK to version 11.4
  • updated Photon to version 4.6.0
  • bugfix: dpx component order not detected correctly
  • bugfix: Dolby Vision displays of metadata will be favoured for content mapping
  • bugfix: allow Dolby Vision content mapping if display properties of metadata does not match with displays from cm config
  • regression: export with Dolby Vision content mapping was broken
  • bugfix: QuickTime Player was unable to playback exported containers with H.264
  • bugfix: validation reports were unnecessary large
  • bugfix: decoding issues due to usage of GPUs with low CUDA compute capability
  • added option to change component order for dpx input
  • bugfix: crash when opening export wizard due to deprecated settings entry
  • added audio meter for input and output channel peak visualization
  • added support for 3D subtitle preview
  • added video scope module that displays parade, waveform and histogram of current canvas image
  • added photon validation for IMF packages
  • added Dolby Vision support
  • added new timeline timing representation (frames)
  • enhanced export module supports with audio routing
  • enhanced export module has with preview functionality for range selection and video settings
  • enhanced TTML / IMSC1 support
  • enhanced view on license details
  • removed waveform visualizer, which is replaced by timeline and audio meter module
  • bugfix: fixed incorrect color component order when exporting DPX
  • bugfix: fixed waveform in timeline not being correct for audio tracks
  • bugfix: fixed shutdown of Player being stuck for a while in case waveform wasn't generated completely yet
  • fix regression: bitrate validation now works again as expected and doesn't show wrong results for encrypted packages anymore
  • bugfix: fixed rare crash during startup when SDI is enabled and another program already uses the connected SDI device
  • bugfix: correctly store and restore decoder selection for playback and export
  • bugfix: fixed rare case on some newer Macs where license import via drag and drop didn't work
  • bugfix: fixed waveform in timeline not being correct for audio tracks
  • deactivated multi-GPU usage for playback and export when starting player via command line interface, since this can lead to unexpected behaviour
  • bugfix: timed text images were not exported to the correct directory when unwrapping package
  • bugfix: audio preloading never finished and therefore playback did not start on some systems
  • bugfix: V-Sync was available even when environment does not support V-Sync (e.g. when starting via Remote Desktop)
  • bugfix: fixed problem with server certificate password that couldn't be restored on Macs sometimes
  • bugfix: fixed rare case on some newer Macs where license import via drag and drop didn't work
  • bugfix: audio language code for supplemental tracks is correctly displayed now (IMF only)
  • bugfix: fixed crash when unsupported audio device was selected
  • deactivated multi-GPU usage for playback and export, since this can lead to unexpected behavior
  • bugfix: SDI playback stopped after canvas was closed
  • bugfix: positioning of subtitles in export with enabled scaling is correct now
  • ruby nodes in subtitles are partially displayed now (Rb tag)
  • added functionality to directly jump to a timecode in timeline
  • added reel wise stepping using arrow up/down for timeline
  • bugfix: validation module's codestream check has detected wrong JPEG 2000 profile
  • for VF package, when VF package was loaded first
  • bugfix: all reels were exported, even if only one reel was selected for export
  • bugfix: fixed scaling / letterboxing in export, when option keep aspect ratio is disabled
  • bugfix: fixed crash after export was canceled
  • bugfix: audio waveform visualizer has always shown encrypted data
  • Updated Blackmagic Design DeckLink SDK to version 10.9.12
  • bugfix: export of DCP with more than one reel failed
  • bugfix: excessive memory usage during export when burn-in is enabled
  • bugfix: export does not start with invalid scaling values
  • bugfix: validating VF only with referenced and unreferenced pictures tracks didn't pass j2c profile consistency check
  • bugfix: fixed crash when deleting custom audio output channel routing preset
  • bugfix: fixed crash opening encrypted package with audio after unencrypted package with audio was opened
  • bugfix: fixed stuttering playback when previewing DCPPROJ
  • bugfix: fixed crash when starting via CLI and HDSDI is enabled
  • bugfix: hash check comparison with trailing spaces/newline
  • bugfix: fixed crash when starting player via remote desktop
  • bugfix: fixed issue that prevents QuickTime export on macOS
  • bugfix: fixed issue that prevents start of playback on less powerful systems
  • bugfix: waveform not rendered for encrypted packages after switching composition
  • fix regression: JPEG 2000 bit rate violation was detected for valid DCPs
  • (PLUS only) timeline module for better navigation and preview
  • validation module supports now VF and encrypted packages
  • audio routing and channel mapping can now be done via GUI
  • export module is now able to use gpu
  • export module supports now scaling for all formats (except JPEG 2000)
  • replacement of missing font characters works now on macOS as well
  • bugfix: misidentified JPEG 2000 BCP level 6 as level 5 and thus assumed a max bitrate of 800 Mbit/s instead of 1600 Mbit/s.
  • bugfix: some IMF packages could not be opened, because the MXF essence coding label's version byte was not ignored.
  • bugfix: subject png-subpictures to color transform had no effect
  • fix regression: x-coordinate for vertical timed text was not calculated correctly anymore
  • bugfix: false error message in some cases during IMF J2K profile validation
  • bugfix: crash when opening *.jp2 files
  • bugfix: fixed edit rate/duration issues when loading certain IMF VFs
  • bugfix: fixed an issue where licensing was not possible on some Macs with High Sierra and Apple FS
  • bugfix: fixed an issue where KDMs and certificates became inaccessible after installing Windows 10 Anniversary/Creators Update
  • bugfix: fixed an issue where a request for the certificate password would cause infinite hang
  • bugfix: characters missing from the specified font of a subtitle spot were not detected in some cases
  • bugfix: incorrect error message about track duration mismatches when loading certain IMF Packages
  • bugfix: loading audio language from IMF Trackfiles when loading full IMF Package
  • bugfix: quality check "Timed text entries are not sorted by increasing time-in timestamps" prevented timed text from getting loaded and displayed
  • bugfix: missing RegXML descriptor when creating supplemental IMF Packages from saved easyDCP project
  • fix regression: burn-in timed text had antialiasing disabled
  • fixed loading MXF audio files without timecode tracks
  • add support for GeForce 10 series
  • add possibility to show title safe, action safe, container boxes or custom overlays in canvas
  • add solo and mute button in audio waveform module
  • audio waveform channels are now resizable
  • added 2016 IMF Schema files for XML validation
  • replacement of missing font characters can now be dynamically enabled or disabled
  • new check: warn if timed text font ID does not match the ID in the LoadFont element
  • new check: warn if font used by Interop DCPs has an .otf file extension. It needs to be .ttf or else it will get ignored by some servers.
  • bugfix: only one channel got rendered in 3D viewing modes
  • bugfix: timestamp rounding mode was not restored after a restart
  • don't reject external timed text documents when warnings were found while parsing them
  • remove incorrect warning when timed text duration is stated differently in MXF and CPL
  • remove incorrect warning when a reel's first timed text spot number is not 1
  • validation module: promote warning to error when characters present in a timed text document are missing in the referenced font file
  • bugfix: JPEG 2000 bit rate violation was detected for lossless IMF packages
  • bugfix: JPEG 2000 bit rate violation was detected for lossy IMF packages with broadcast profile under 5
  • bugfix: stuffed memory leak in QuickTime audio writer that caused occasional crashes for long exports
  • bugfix: switching between 24 bit and 30 bit SDI pixel formats did not work correctly
  • bugfix: solo/mute audio channels ignored audio channel routing
  • bugfix: unable to load some IMF Picture Trackfiles
  • fix regression: screensaver was not disabled on Mac OS X anymore
  • fix regression: Frame Forward/Backward keyboard shortcuts did not work when in fullscreen
  • fix regression: fullscreen was not restored after a restart
  • bugfix: validation module's bitrate check has calculated wrong codestream sizes for encrypted DCPs
  • bugfix: switching from CPU to GPU decoder resets the selected source color space
  • bugfix: loading of unsupported MXF subtitles leads to a freeze
  • bugfix: atmos trackfiles are ignored when using the export option "Create supplemental easyDCP project with external subtitles"
  • bugfix: show error message if not enough disk space is available during export
  • bugfix: export does not remember last selected color transform
  • bugfix: "additional offset from bottom" is inverted when burning in subtitles during export
  • bugfix: wrong naming of subtitle files when converting from Interop to SMPTE
  • bugfix: using an imported color transform LUT for export leads to a crash
  • bugfix: adding TTML subtitle to IMF package leads to a crash
  • bugfix: fix "Active sound card doesn't support current audio format - Unanticipated host error" for ASIO sound cards (including Blackmagic Audio)
  • bugfix: remove incorrect warning "Package contains Trackfiles of different package types" when opening certain types of supplemental DCPs/IMPs or mixed 2D/3D/2K/4K DCPs/IMPs
  • bugfix: remove incorrect warning "Resolution for picture track file in reel #x is unknown because it is a referenced track"
  • before starting a DCP/IMP validation, check if the selected location for HTML report file is writable
  • make default timed text outline width configurable and use a size relative to the font size so that it works well with both 2K and 4K content
  • fix regression: calculate position for right-aligned timed text overlays correctly
  • bugfix: position for centered timed text overlays was slightly off by a few pixels when outlines are enabled
  • bugfix: don't complain about timed text spot number order when (optional) spot number attributes are absent
  • show original spot number values in timed text editor, even when they are not numbers.
  • bugfix: when testing if all charachters used in a timed text document are included in the corresponding font file, control charachters (e.g. newline, tab) were not ignored
  • bugfix: timed text fade out duration was one frame too long.
  • (PLUS only) Validation module that validates a DCP or IMP and creates an interactive report in html format
  • support for playback of QuickTime movies
  • bugfix: fix subtitle alignment on HD-SDI output with "fit to window" disabled
  • bugfix: don't close full-screen when a dialog is opened on a separate monitor
  • bugfix: rendering got slower for the second and further DCP/IMPs
  • bugfix: fallback audio channel routing from settings file did not always take effect. Now the currently used routing is displayed in the audio options pane.
  • fix regression: fix "Invalid BER encountered" error introduced in 3.3.2
  • fix regression: unwrapping encrypted DCPs got broken
  • fix regression: when loading a new DCP or IMP, the CUDA codec in some cases complained for no reason about a max. bitrate violation so that easyDCP Player fell back to the CPU codec.
  • Extended Export Features
  • GPU-accelerated Real-time Playback of IMF Packages
  • Supports Retina Displays
  • Advanced Timeline Slider (eases subtitling)
  • Subtitles editor
  • Supports DPX/TIFF/JPEG/BMP/... as input format
  • Supports IMF App2
  • Supports Archival Formats (IAP/MAP)
  • Supports Atmos (no decoding/no downmix)
  • Supports 64bit architectures
  • GPU-decoding performance increased
  • Export performance increased
  • HD/SDI support for Blackmagicdesign Deckling and Ultrastudio playout devices
  • Support for Supplemental DCPs
  • Support for SMPTE subtitle
  • Option to accelerate playback performance significantly
  • New work-flow for activating the software within minutes
  • Extended export features including scaling options and burn-in of subtitles
  • Much faster export functionality
  • Export of Quicktime files supported
  • Extended command-line support
  • Improved issue reports
  • Audio visualization module (view waveform, mute, solo)
  • 10 bit DisplayPort output (Windows only)
  • Support for CineCanvas subtitles that reference PNG files
  • Automatically export reels into individual folders
  • Verify that 250mbit/s JPEG2000 datarate is not exeeded
  • Increase compatibility by degrading some failed integrity checks from errors to warnings
  • Show render fps
  • Process CineCanvas subtitles correctly, that use "Font" node within "Text" value
  • In the Commercial edition, server certificates are no longer auto-generated, and instead they can be requested from Fraunhofer support
  • Add automatic and configurable compensation for audio latency
  • By default, software codec now raises an error, when it encounters a corrupt jpeg2000 image
  • Support for NVIDIA GeForce 500 series
  • Add support for exporting 8-16 channel DCPs
  • (PLUS only) Export DCP to J2C/TIFF/DPX/WAV
  • Optionally check MXF file hashes
  • (PLUS only) new 3D modes side-by-side and top-and-bottom
  • Improved speed in software-codec
  • Restore window and player state after restart
  • (PLUS only) Playback of encrypted DCPs
  • (PLUS only) 3D playback (anaglyph, interleaved or quad buffered)
  • (PLUS only) Rendering of CineCanvas subtitles
  • Support for custom color transforms and LUTs
  • Fixed audio-video sync issues that occurred on some computers
  • Fixed "invalid enumeration" bug that occurred when the color transform
  • Hardware accelleration was enabled on computers with certain ATI graphics devices
  • "Choose composition" dialog shows more metadata
  • Added DCP security checks (hash values, file sizes, digital signature, certificate chain)
  • Multi-GPU-Mode does not need to be disabled
  • Improved software-codec performance on high-end multi-core CPUs
  • System information helps during graphics device configuration
  • "Fit to Window" mode scales video to optimally fill the current window size
  • Floatable toolbar allows "presentation mode"
  • Drag & Drop DCP folders or audio/video files onto canvas
  • Drag & Drop DCP folders or audio/video files onto icon
  • Improved synchronicity between audio and video
  • Improved user interface response
  • Settings are restored after restart
  • Added load progress dialog
  • Accelerated application start-up
  • More detailed error messages
  • Many bug fixes