Frequently Asked Question
This FAQ is valid for
easyDCP Player (+) Bundle  from Version 2.0.X upto Version 3.8.X
easyDCP Creator (+) Bundle from Version 2.2.X upto Version 3.8.X
easyDCP Resolve Plugin Plugin Version 1.1


Customers who own an easyDCP standalone license for easyDCP Creator+ and easyDCP Player+ up to version 3.8.9 that was purchased before 2021, can receive one free-of-charge bonus license for easyDCP Resolve Plugin module at DaVinci Resolve.

The following requirements must be met:

  • You must have a version from easyDCP Creator+ 2.2 and easyDCP Player+ 2.0 or higher licensed.
  • The bonus license for the easyDCP Resolve can only be used on same hardware as the easyDCP standalone licenses are issued to.

How to get your easyDCP Resolve bonus license:

Note: To activate an easyDCP Resolve bonus license, you need a separate license key. Licenses of easyDCP standalone versions can NOT be used for activation the easyDCP Resolve Plugin.

  • Follow the FAQ: How to activate my easyDCP Resolve ?
  • If previous requirements meet prerequisites, the webshop will offer you to activate the bonus licenses
  • If previous requirements don't meet prerequisites the webshop will inform you about and offer to buy it.

Note: In Resolve from version 15, please make sure that the easyDCP decoder is used and the setting "DaVinci Resolve > Preferences > Configuration > Use easyDCP decoder" is switched on: