easyDCP Publisher Pay as you go

"Pay as you go" means that you as a user of the on-demand service will only pay if your DCP is to be stored and used outside of easyDCP Publisher. You do not need to invest in special hardware or software licenses.

You can convert your content into a Digital Cinema Package with various parameters, review the results in the integrated player, and only after you are satisfied with the result you will pay the activation fee.

The price consists of a basic price and a price per minute or part thereof.

Example prices
30 sec. = 49.98(incl. VAT)
20 min. = 95.20(incl. VAT)
90 min. = 226.10(incl. VAT)
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Price table
DurationBase priceCost per min (2D)Cost per min (3D)
0-5 min 47.60 € 2.38 € 3.57 €
6-59 min 59.50 € 1.79 € 2.98 €
60+ min 119.00 € 1.19 € 2.38 €

In case you have any questions about pricing please see our support information.
Edit and re-finish

As a producer you know the situation: Cinema projects always need re-finishing for a successful start. Additional sponsors, successful festival participations, various regional distributors in the credits — or even corrections in the DCP or in the subtitling.

In this phase of the project easyDCP Publisher is there to support you. During the 3 months after purchase you can edit and re-finish your DCP project as many times as you need.