easyDCP Publisher product comparison

The free easyDCP Publisher client gives you access to the core functions of easyDCP Creator and easyDCP Player. No matter which easyDCP solution you use, you can be sure that you are working with the leading software for the Digital Cinema distribution workflow.

Is easyDCP Publisher what I need or should I buy easyDCP Standalone?

Featureeasydcp PublishereasyDCP Standalone
Project based licensing
Requires internet connection
DCP 2K, 4K
Subtitle support
Compositions per DCP1unlimited
IMF workflow
HD/SDI support
Encryption support
Output validation
Supplemental workflow
Atmos support
HDRComing soon
GPU acceleration
Paid personal supportOn demand, pay per useUnlimited, covered by service contract
easyDCP Pro licenses

In order to decide between on-demand system and your very own easyDCP Pro system, we also recommend a calculation based on the DCPs you need.

Compare easyDCP Publisher activation fee with easyDCP Pro license prices.

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Example calculation

Licenses and service fee for easyDCP Pro costs 5140 EUR incl. VAT for 3 years.

This investment would pay off as soon as you produce more than ...

... one 46 minute long film every month
... 22 times a 90 minute long film in three years
... 34 times a year a 40 seconds long film