easyDCP JPEG 2000 Transcoder 3.8.9

The Standalone Transcoder allows for a DCI compliant JPEG 2000 encoding. The result allows without the additional wrapping process being applied in the easyDCP Creator. One instance is already included in the easyDCP Creator+ software. Using multiple instances of the Standalone Transcoder customers can parallelise the encoding on multiple machines in order to ingest the pre-generated JPEG 2000 files into the easyDCP Creator(+) for an optional encryption process and the final packaging step.

The JPEG 2000 Standalone Transcoder can also be used from the command line and is therefore the perfect tool for batch processing. Users can also use the graphical user interface which is self-explaining and easy to use.

  • Supported formats: DPX, JPEG2000, TIFF, JPEG, BMP, PNG, Quicktime
  • Allows color transformation ITI709/3d lookup – X’Y’Z’
  • 2k/3D - 4k, Interop and SMPTE packing
  • Automatic pillar-/letterboxing
  • Scriptable for „batch processing“

For a first experience a trial versions of easyDCP JPEG2000 Transcoder comes with download of easyDCP Creator+.

The unlimited and full functional trial version of easyDCP JPEG2000 Transcoder burns in a visual watermark into the DCP.

License price
incl. 6 months of service
952.00(incl. VAT)
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