Bundle easyDCP Creator+ & easyDCP Player 3.8.9,1.4.411,3.8.9

With easyDCP Creator+ and easyDCP Player as Bundle 1 you can save € 250.00 excl. VAT.

The bundle 1 allows the mastering of 2k/2D/stereoscopic (3D), 4k encrypted and unencrypted Digital Cinema Packages (DCPs) with easyDCP Creator+ also creation of IMPs. Additionally the easyDCP KDM Generator provides generation of SMPTE and INTEROP compliant Key Delivery Messages (KDM).

The easyDCP Player handles unencrypted 2k/2D DCPs. If you need to open the encrypted DCPs, 3D, 4K, playback of unencrypted IMF packages or you need to export DCPs/IMF packages in another format we recommend the Bundle 2.

For initial tests are available for all programs in the Bundle 1 free trial versions available for download.

The following restrictions apply to the trial version:

  • easyDCP Creator +: It is automatically branded a visible watermark in the DCP/IMF packages. Supplemental for DCP/IMF packages cannot be created.
  • easyDCP KDM Generator: It can KDMs be made valid for a period of 2 days.
  • easyDCP player can 15sec. any DCPs are played.


To purchase the full version of the Bundle 1, please use the licensing directly through this website.

License price
incl. 6 months of service
5,057.50(incl. VAT)
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