easyDCP KDM Generator 1.4.411

easyDCP KDM Generator is not a standalone product. It is included in the full version of easyDCP Creator+.

It is restricted to create KDM’s or DKDM’s (Distribution Key Delivery Messages) from FHI Digest, includes the content key generated by easyDCP Creator+

And so easy it is:

  • Loading of Fraunhofer Digest
  • Choose the folder with all playback-server-certificates
  • Set the start- and end-date
  • You receive SMPTE or Interop compliant KDM

For a first experience with this software we offer a free download of a special trial version as standalone part in easyDCP Creator+. The trial version allows a KDM with validity of 2 days.

To purchase the full version please use the licensing process for easyDCP Creator+ directly through this website.

Features easyDCP KDM Generator easyDCP KDM Generator+
Available for Windows and Mac (10.12 or higher) / 64bit
Interop and SMPTE compliant KDM creation
Supports digital signature
Trust TDL Mode
Support for DCP Digest (used for key delivery, e.g. from easyDCP Creator+)
Time-Zone support
Custom naming scheme for KDMs
Basic and Advanced mode
Support for DKDM (Distribution KDMs) ingest